# Description from http://developer.gnome.org/cogl/stable/ch01.html#cogl-intro:
# Cogl is a modern 3D graphics API with associated utility APIs designed to expose the features of 3D graphics hardware using a more object oriented design than OpenGL. The library has primarily been driven by the practical needs of Clutter but it is not tied to any one toolkit or even constrained to developing UI toolkits.

# Note: depends on mesa
# Note: depends on libXcomposite
# Note: depends on glib
# Note: depends on fontconfig
# Note: depends on freetype
# Note: depends on cairo (needs to be built with freetype-support)
# Note: depends on pango (needs to be built with cairo-support)
# Note: depends on libXrandr
# Note: depends on gdk-pixbuf
wget -c http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/GNOME/sources/cogl/1.22/cogl-1.22.0.tar.xz
tar -xJf cogl-1.22.0.tar.xz
cd cogl-1.22.0
mkdir -p builddir
cd builddir
../configure --prefix="/usr" --enable-kms-egl-platform --enable-xlib-egl-platform  ||  ../configure --prefix="/usr" --enable-kms-egl-platform  ||  ../configure --prefix="/usr"
make # Doesn't mind -j#
make install