AOS is a source-based GNU+Linux distribution aimed at giving power to the user at every level, including to see the specific source that her/his/their system was built from and to make changes freely.
It's mostly just a distro to fit my own personal preferences of how a system should work, but if you like it too you're welcome to use it! It might be useful for educational purposes.

Unlike most distros AOS doesn't come with an installer system, instead the buildscript is used to build it from an existing system, either a previously installed system or a liveCD system.

Once you have the base system installed any further packages you wish to install need to be installed manually, but for that the buildwiki can help you on your way.
Or you could use a script to automatically fetch build instructions which you can pipe to a shell.

Some ways in which AOS differs from other sourcebased distributions:
  • There is no need to chroot into the installed system to finish setting it up, therefor making it possible to install from a different architecture or even a completely different software platform.
  • The entire base system is built from source, no binary stage tarballs.
  • Doing things yourself is at the core, no distro-specific magic behind the scenes (what you learn from using AOS will be usable on almost all operating systems, regardless of existing "magic").
  • All source is available to you. Unless you choose to remove it yourself, all sourcecode is stored on disk, including the source of the base system in /usr/parent-src.

2013-05-31 - updated, changelog at files/build-2013-05-31-09.58.changelog.
2013-05-22 - updated, the new version prints out the command that su is invoked to run.
2013-05-02 - updated, changelog at files/build-2013-05-02-10.39.changelog.
2013-04-02 - updated with more cases of commands that need to be run as root, and added source mirroring.
2013-02-26 - updated, primarily new versions of core packages, changelog at files/build-2013-02-26-10.27.changelog.
2013-01-27 - fixed to convert HTML-escaped '&lt;' back into '<'.
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